John Jairo Pelaez was recruited by Andres Guzman from Colombia in 1999.

John and family 2008

John holding his son with wife Janed and his daughters, Cindy and Maria.

John's philosophy is not to push the horses too fast, but letting them progress at their own speed. He feels that small progressions of improvement everyday are more important then getting the job done fast. The horse has to gain confidence just like a rider does. The key is not to allow the horse to become scared because it will be difficult to erase this fear. These are very intelligent horses. They remember every experience, so it's important that everything that happens to him is positive and contributes to building his confidence.



The familial history of horse training is evident with the exclusive training of Paso Finos. A patient and quiet trainer is a must with a smart and sensitive animal such as the Paso Fino.

Riding Lessons - Cari Ann Croninger

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