Comanche Crossfire

Comanche Crossfire

1996 Beautiful Black and White Tobiano Stallion, 15 hands with even color distribution, quiet temperament and talent for reining.
(Training in progress).

Sire: Comanche Patches
Dam: Miss Mighty Start

Both his sire and dam were black and white,
(dam is Tobiano, sire, now deceased, was Tovero).

Stud Fee: $500
Contact: Chris Ruthven at 903-564-9844
Owner and Trainer: Christopher K. Ruthven
of C and C Colt Co., Inc., Whitesboro, Texas

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Chris, (our son-in-law) specializes in starting colts or correcting problems horses might have for people who can't do it themselves. Caren, his wife, and Chris are both on Level 3 of Pat Parelli's Program and Chris has taken the Colt Starting Class, too.

He has been going to Japan for the last 6 years during the fall to help Hiata Farms start 2 year old thoroughbreds for the racetrack-- 150 each year!

So he is quite experienced at this. He has started colts for Tim McQuay, Pete Kyle, and Bobby Harrison.

Chris also trains horses for show in reining, cutting and other performance classes. He has been riding and training since childhood,-- was a jockey as a teenager and then entered the rodeo circuit in bull riding, bronc riding, roping and bareback riding. Now he is experienced in many areas of horsemanship.

Comanche Crossfire

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The Paint horse has an amazing athletic ability as is shown here with Comanche. Reining horses are known for the powerful sliding stops and this stop is powerful.

In March of 2002 in Lubbock, Texas Comanche was shown at the Sandstorm Ride and Slide by his owner Chris Ruthven.

Owners: Dorothy & Robert Wilbanks
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