The Paso Fino horse is "people oriented", enjoying his human companions and striving to please. He is willing and spirited, yet gentle at hand and easily managed. His hooves are extremely durable and he is seldom shod unless traveling on rocky surfaces. His large lung capacity gives him endurance, and he is naturally quick, surefooted and athletic. Size varies, with the average being slightly over 14 hands. Every equine color can be found with or without white markings.

These are pictures of a trip I took with three friends who like to ride last Summer.
We went to Paris and then 2 hours south of there to ride from castle to castle by horseback.
We saw 2 castles and rode 4 hours most days. We were really missing our gaited horses, though!

castle ride

castle ride

castle ride

chambord castle

beauregard castle

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e invite people of all ages to our ranch in Pilot Point to experience and explore the Smoothest Gait of the unique and fabulous Paso Fino.

So come and enjoy our beautiful trails; a mere five minutes gait from Lake Ray Roberts are endless miles of interesting trails.

We also offer professional training of Paso Fino horses for pleasure or competition. Horse evaluation is available for purposes of discovering the level of training necessary for that perfect Paso Fino.

We are anxious to meet you, please feel free to contact the ranch for an appointment. Appointments are available throughout the week and weekends for lessons, tours or trail rides.

Here at Wilbanks Paints and Pasos, we also love to trail ride in other parts of our great country.

Last June we participated in a trail ride at Ebenezer State Park with other Paso Fino riders from the SW PFHA group.
Ebenezer State Park photo
Ebenezer State Park photo Ebenezer State Park photo
Ebenezer State Park photo Ebenezer State Park photo

We have also been trail riding with friends and family in beautiful Eminence, Missouri. We passed through amazing waterfalls, rivers, and lush forests. Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).

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