Salomon de United
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Salomon was honored with the legion of Merit award in 2002. The Legion of Merit award is a coveted award honoring only those PFHA horses which have earned 1000 points in PFHA competition.

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1998 Pleasure Stallion (black stallion)
Springtime Radiante X La Golondrina del Ocaso
PFHA High Point 3 Year Old for 2001 in his class

Stud Fee $1000.00

The Paints and Pasos ranch will be standing Salomon at stud this year at the ranch. He is a smooth- as-silk black pleasure stallion who has done very well this year. He won two championships at Hattiesburg against stallions of all Ages. This kind of championship does not come without itís challenges; in fact it is extremely difficult to accomplish.

If you are interested in breeding your mare to a quality stallion, we invite you to contact us via email or telephone. We are pleased to provide you with more details on breeding and stud fees. In fact, we look forward to your call. What better way to start the new year than the creation of a what you can see will be a beautiful Salomon baby.

It is every Breeder's dream to ride a horse as fabulous as this one. Proud owner and Breeder, Dorothy (Susie) Wilbanks enjoys a gaited ride through the meadow.
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Trainer John Pelaez shows off exactly why this black stallion has earned the Legion of Merit award.

Owners: Dorothy & Robert Wilbanks
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